Monthly Archives: October 2009

The Elements of Meetings

Meetings are not that something you do to waste time. If you have more than one person involved in the business, you need to make sure the business has direction. For making it happen you need to have meetings. In the first meeting of the members of the business you should set the following: Key… Read More »

What is Fly-Fishing?

Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of Fly-Fishing is the variety of beautiful natural surroundings in which anglers often find themselves; a private stream up in the mountains, a peaceful winding river deep in the forest, or a quiet blue lake somewhere out in big sky country. For some, it may be the opportunity to test… Read More »

Advantages of Mutual Funds

I have read these advantages over investing in mutual funds. I would like to share them. Advantages: Professional Management – The primary advantage of funds is the professional management of your money. Investors purchase funds because they do not have the time or the expertise to manage their own portfolios. A mutual fund is a… Read More »

Client-Referral Tactics

Here are some methods to create more consistent refferal flow from your clients. Focus on ensuring your colleagues, clients, and customers fully understand all of your products and service offerings. It amazes, how many people the average professional has in his/her active business network, yet how many of those contacts don’t truly don’t understand the… Read More »

Business Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis is a technique to identify and assess factors that may jeopardize the success of a project or achieving a goal. This technique also helps to define preventive measures to reduce the probability of these factors from occurring and identify countermeasures to successfully deal with these constraints when they develop to avert possible negative… Read More »