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Choosing Gifts for Women

Gifts are used for presenting as a symbol of remembrance, as a symbol of love, and emotional value. They are used for long lasting maintaining the relationships. They provide the receiver a feeling that some one is caring for him. The gifts may be small or big they create a big impact on the receiver.… Read More »

Role of Small Businesses in USA Economy

The Small Business Administration (SBA) office of advocacy defines a small business as an independent business with less than 500 employees. In 2008, there were 29.6 million businesses in the United States, according to Office of Advocacy estimates. Census data show that there were 6.0 million firms with employees in 2006 and 21.7 million without… Read More »

Best Test Automation Methods or Practices

Test automation is the use of software automation to control the execution tests, comparing the actual outcomes with the predicted outcomes, the setting up of conditions prior test, and the other test control and test reporting functions. Commonly, test automation means automating a manual process in place that uses a formalized testing process. The top… Read More »