Risks involved in using depressants

By | June 5, 2010

These are the drugs which destroys the functions of a part of body or the mind. These are generally used as prescription medicines and as illicit drugs. They prevents the functioning of central nervous system (CNS).It affects the neurons and even the brain. They are mostly used for medicinal purposes. They lower the rate of psychological activities. They even reduce anxiety and induces sleep.

It affects the person in both mentally and physically. By the consumption of these illegal drugs eagerness and anxiety reduces and makes the person calm and silent. So, this is called as the downer because of its effect of decreasing eagerness towards the real world activities.

Generally if they are proposed or suggested by the doctor then they give relaxation to nerves and muscles. They are even used for sleep disorders in treatment. They are also called as the sedations and tranquilizers because they slow the functioning of the normal brain. Use of the depressants with alcohol will result in loss of life.