Symptoms of Skin Yeast Infection

By | August 10, 2010

There are several yeast infections such as, oral yeast infection, skin yeast infection, systemic yeast infection. Skin yeast infection is called as candidiasis. Sometimes, skin yeast infection is called as fungal infection because yeast is a form of fungus. Any individual like men, women, children can get skin yeast infection. Generally, it is called as diaper rash in case of children. It may be troublesome because of symptoms of skin yeast infection, but anitfungal can relieve from this problem. There are symptoms of skin yeast infection, such as:

Rash: Red rash or lesion can be led by the skin yeast infection. It will spread over the time, then there will be formation of patches. Skin folds are the typical location of the red rashes. That locations can be genitals, trunk, buttocks and under the breasts.

Itching: The rashes may be itchy, and there may be some mild burning. Generally, if the skin breaks open from scratching then it may cause itching and burning.

Other symptoms: Other symptoms may include raising red spots called as papules. A macule can be seen on a flat, distinct colored area of skin. Person may feel depressed and they may have muscle or joint pains.

Generally, oral yeast inspection may occur because of taking antibiotics and birth control pills and taking more food which has more sugar.

So, one should take care of diet and as well as medicines and keep the environment dry and clean to avoid the skin yeast infection.