Monthly Archives: September 2010

Pre-Built House vs Building new House

Some people have a dream about their home. Some of the people want to live in mansion, and some of them want to live in a bungalow, people have ideas about their dream home. If you purchase pre-built home then sometimes your needs may not be met. So, building your own home can be a… Read More »

Marijuana Drug Testing in Schools

Drug testing is being implemented by management in schools. The idea behind conducting the drug test is to prevent the drug use among school children. Drug test advocates and school authorities believe that drug use will be deterred by this test. Proof is provided by it where drug use is suspected. Drug test in schools… Read More »

Quantity of the Perfume to be Sprayed

Perfume application is an art. So, many spray huge amount thinking that they will get more fragrance. Applying the perfume should be done in the right way and it should be long lasting and do not apply again. Most of them feel that by wetting them in perfume and by spraying on clothes they would… Read More »