Monthly Archives: January 2011

Role of Parent Involvement in Preschool Programs

The involvement of parent in the child’s out of home experiences, is good for both the child and the parent. Social adjustment and school performance can be associated positively with the participation of parents in preschool programs. Parent involvement is considered to be an integral part of cooperative child care and child development programs. It… Read More »

Know About Random Drug Testing at Workplace

As the drug abuse and alcohol consumption rates continue to increase around the world, the need for employee drug testing is increasing. Employee drug testing involves many types such as pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing, post-accident drug testing, and follow-up drug testing. Now let us know something about random drug testing. Random drug testing… Read More »

Know About Barcode Label Printing

Barcode is defined as a series of vertical bars of varying widths, where each digit from zero through nine are represented by a different pattern of bars which are read by a scanner. These barcodes are commonly found on consumer products and used for inventory control. The barcodes are printed on labels through a barcode… Read More »