Know About Three Types of Barcode Scanning Devices

By | January 5, 2011

The use of barcode system is common these days in various fields. Many number of companies are now providing devices for barcode systems. Symbol scanners, Zebra printers, HP Laser scanners etc. are some of the most prominent scanners that are in use today. The barcodes are read by a scanner that is called a barcode reader or a barcode scanner.

The technology that has been used in the barcode scanners is since 90’s. A bar code scanner can be considered as a resource that provides the ability to move freely without slowing down the progress. Hence many businesses prefer to use the handheld barcode scanners for reading the barcodes. Many scanners have come into rise based on different technologies. These include pen-type scanners, laser scanners, CCD scanners and camera-based scanners. There are three types of scanners that use most advanced technology. These are listed below.

  • USB barcode scanners
  • Cordless barcode scanners
  • Bluetooth barcode scanners

USB Barcode Scanners:
The USB barcode scanners are mostly used in check stands and library counters. They include a cord and tie directly into the computer station that is utilized. These can be used by any users. The advantage of these scanners is that they are flexible to reach locations that are not easy to access otherwise.

Cordless Barcode Scanners:
No reason has been found for carrying a connecting device to feed information to, as these scanners are built right into the technology. Cordless barcode scanners have a base that can be plugged into the charging whenever they are not in use.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners:
Bluetooth barcode scanners are one of the scanners that use the newest technology. These scanners are similar to the cordless scanners in their appearance and function. The only difference is the transmission of information. A proprietary radio communication technology is used by the bluetooth technology which is not integrated in other devices.