Key Exclusions of Public Liability Insurance

By | February 3, 2011

You may need public-liability insurance, if you are a business person working in either traditional or more unusual trade. It is important to choose reputable insurance company which provides you cheap public-liability insurance.

When you want to purchase the public-liability insurance, you need to have the knowledge of whole information about public-liability insurance. You should know about considerations, conditions and exclusions of the policy, which you are going to take.

Understand the exclusions: There are some exclusions with every insurance policy. You should familiarize yourself with such exclusions before you accept a policy or renew your current insurance policy. List of exclusions is given to you by your insurance company as the part of your policy. It should be provided in writing to you.

There are some exclusions of the public-liability insurance, such as:

  • Physical punishment or abuse, that is done by the insured member or policy holder.
  • If any loss or damage occurred to the insured member’s own property or property in their custody, then it won’t be covered by public-liability insurance.
  • If the insured member’s own children get injured or die or suffer from illness, then policy will not cover it.
  • Property of children, who are under care of the nanny.
  • The property of the employers will not be covered by public-liability insurance policy.

These exclusions vary from one insurance company to another company and from one place to another place. So you should be careful about them, when taking this policy.

Take advise from experts and speak with your insurance company, before you choose this policy for your business, because you are going to invest a lot of money on insurance in order to protect your business.