How is Online Shopping More Eco-friendly?

By | March 29, 2011

There are many benefits associated with online shopping. It is convenient, safe, and less expensive. It also offers a wide variety of products from different localities. The other most important benefit of online shopping is that it is more eco-friendly than the traditional shopping.

Online shopping includes lower carbon footprint and hence is much environmental friendly. Traditional way of shopping from the store includes a heavy traffic. This may also be one of the reasons for pollution. As online shopping only involves delivery of products, this can be reduced. Online retailers can make use of energy-efficient electric and hybrid vehicles for product delivery.

Comparing prices and quality of products is essential while shopping. They are made easy when you shop online. You can simply sit at home and check the details from various websites. Whereas, when you shop from a traditional store, you need to travel a lot for different stores which adds the traffic.

Online shopping includes less energy consumption. There is no need of facilities that are intended for customer shopping. They also require less lighting and heating requirements for warehouses and garages. Thus, the energy needed for operations of an online store can be reduced.

Online shopping stores opt for greener packaging in stead of plastic bags. Recyclable cardboard boxes are used for product delivery by shipping. Sustainable materials are used for packing certain items that need careful handling.

These are some of the considerations which proves that online shopping is more eco-friendly than the traditional shopping. In addition, online shopping is also associated with cost advantages with less use of energy.