Glow Sticks for Roadside Emergencies and Traffic Control

By | May 18, 2011

All of us are aware that glow sticks are meant for parties and celebrations. However, they are even used for many emergencies or safety purposes. Specific features of glow sticks like easy handling and safe usage make them more appropriate for emergency usages. They are even wind and water-proof. They can glow for about 12 hours if they are of high quality and standard ones.

Handling roadside emergencies is made so easy with glow sticks. There are many chances that you may experience accidents or you may have a need to change tires on road side while traveling in dark. Using a glow stick in place of flashlights or other sources of light is more preferable and beneficial. Glow sticks have no need of any recharging batteries. When compared with any other light sources, glow sticks are easier to use. All you need to do, is to just bend the plastic tube. Purchasing a pack of wholesale glow sticks and keeping in the safety box of your vehicle is very much helpful.

Apart from roadside emergencies, glow sticks have got an important usage in traffic control. However, glow sticks of larger sizes such as 12 inch and 16 inch ones are best to be used for traffic control. Brightest colored glow sticks are helpful for controlling traffic. As they are standard and brighter, people can observe the light from a distance and react to the signal accordingly. Specific industrial standard glow sticks, which are specifically used for traffic control, are available in market. Hence, glow sticks are meant to provide safety during emergencies in dark.