What is Safe to Consume While Traveling

By | May 12, 2011

One of the important thing you have to consider while you are on a holiday trip is the type of the food you have to take as healthy traveling makes the trip more enjoyable. You have to take selective food while you are traveling abroad. Here are some tips which helps you to take a healthy food while you are traveling:

  • In areas with inadequate hygiene and sanitation, it is better to avoid uncooked vegetables, salads, peeled fruits, unpasteurized milk, and its derivative products.
  • Eat the food which is hot and properly cooked, do not eat the food which is on the warming tray or possibly on the side of a grill for a time.
  • Fruits may have contaminants on their surface, so eat the fruits which are washed.
  • Undercooked food, fish, raw meat and shellfish have high chances of carrying intestinal pathogens and consumption of these type of foods can cause various diseases.
  • Do not take the food which has been stored for several hours as it can provide a fertile medium for bacterial growth.
  • Intake of contaminated water often results in dangerous diseases like diarrhea and other diseases.
  • Take the beverages like tea, coffee, or other beverages made with boiled water.
  • Take the carbonated beverages which are bottled or canned, make sure that the cap on the bottle is securely sealed.
  • If the local water is not fit to drink, uncooked foods that are washed in it are not safe either.
  • On finding the possibility of the water being contaminated, avoid brushing your teeth with tap water. Also do not use the ice in the local area if you think that the water is contaminated in that area.
  • It is safe to drink the beverages directly with out use of glass if you think that the surroundings are not hygienic.
  • Travelers should dry wet cans or bottles before their contents are consumed because water on the beverage cans or bottles might be contaminated.

Availability of safe food is a big issue while traveling, hence care should be taken that you don’t compromise on this issue.