Get Glowing Skin with Aromatherapy

By | June 20, 2011

Among the few processes which are in practice for a better glowing skin, Aromatherapy has been proved to be one among the best. Since it is a blend of all the natural ingredients, it is very effective on all the skin types including sensitive skin. It is very essential to every one to take care about their skin, because it is a very sensitive part of our body which absorbs everything whether, bad or good. Since the skin doesn’t have that natural fighting ability to protect itself from harmful substances, it is our duty to take special care in protecting it. Always keep it in mind that a healthy skin is always an indicator of healthy life style.

The skin care in Aromatherapy includes so many steps to make it perfect and glowing. The first step is to clean the skin and to make it free from any dirt and makeup. Secondly, the skin has to be made prepared, in a such a way that it has to get ready for aromatherapy. This step involves application of different combination of aromatic oils. Finally, the aromatherapic solutions which are selected for the particular problem are to be applied to help maintain a good skin.

Let us check some of the benefits of essential oils from aromatherapy used in skin care

  • Lavender and aloe vera oil are used to heal burns on the skin.
  • Kinetin or Tea Tree oil are used to clear the acne.
  • The oils which contain vitamin C are used to cure dying and flaky skin.
  • Jasmine and Ginger oils are used to clear dead skin.
  • Lavender oil can be used regularly in bath tubs for a healthy skin.
  • Oils containing vitamin E are used to avoid dry skin.

These are some of the oils which are used in aromatherapy especially for skin care. The moment you start using this aromatherapy oils, skin life will be greatly increased. Early aging, wrinkles, dry skin and many other skin related problems can be healed effectively by aromatherapy solutions. But before you start using these oils at home, it is always better to consult a therapist who can suggest you the oils which suits your skin type. And never be confused with some fragrance oils which look and similar to aromatherapic oils. There will be no result if you use those artificial oils even for so many days.