Monthly Archives: August 2011

Precautionary Measures after Dental Cement Use

Dental cement is an agent containing calcium or phosphate resins. It is more commonly used for temporary crowns and fillings. The cement is used to bond the crown with the prepared tooth surface. Also, in case of dental cavities, dental cement is used to fill the tooth thereby preventing any further damage. Some people use… Read More »

Forex Trading- Is It Really Stressful ?

Forex trading is not stressful always, but sometimes it is. But there are lot of ways for reducing stress by using an automated dealing technique. Feeling over stressed while trading forex is wrong as stress is also one of the reasons for trade failures. Traders have to adopt some techniques for controlling the stress, traders… Read More »

Psychological Stress is a Response to Threat

Psychological stress occurs in response to threats. Any two market participants interpret the events differently as they are performing with different mindsets which have different levels of stress. Recently a research was conducted on 60 effective traders and their trading styles and were observed. Each one had different approach towards trading. The researchers have measured… Read More »

Glow Sticks as Safety Appliances at Workplaces

It is known for all of us that glow sticks are used for enjoying in dark night parties. People love to use different products of glow sticks like glow bracelets, glow necklaces and earrings for partying. They are also the best pieces for decoration, fundraising parties and promotional events. What are glow sticks to do… Read More »