Few Important Aspects of Dentistry

By | January 25, 2012

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that is related to the study and application of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, disorders related to oral cavity, maxillofacial area and the associated structures. The practitioners of dentistry are called dentists. Other form of designations associated with dentistry are dental assistants, dental technicians, etc. Dentistry is associated with wide range of aspects. Below are details about the few aspects related to dentistry.

Treatments Related to Dentistry: The general treatments and surgeries associated with the field of dentistry are tooth decay, periodontal diseases, restoration of tooth, tooth fillings, straightening of tooth, extraction or removal of teeth by surgery and endodontic root canal treatments.

Materials Used in Dentistry:Amalgams, gold fillings, composite materials and porcelain materials are commonly used materials for the purpose of treatments. Other than that, general materials used in medication such as flourides, antibiotics, sedatives, etc. are also used.

Technology Used: With the recent advancements in the technology most of the procedures used in the dental treatments have been reformed. The most commonly used technological practices in dentistry are, radiographs, X-rays and dental CT scans.

Dentistry as a profession: Due to increased number of dental problems and increased awareness about oral health among the common man, the demand for dentists had rose. Dental problems are the most common problems seen among the human beings and are also the most complicated problems in the human body.

With the evolution of many new specializations in the branch of dentistry, such as, periodontics (study of gums and related diseases), oral pathology (diagnosis of diseases in the mouth), othodontics (straightening and alignment of teeth) and cosmetic dentistry (beautification of oral structures), many students are coming forward to choose dentistry as a profession.