What are the Benefits of Using Invisible Braces?

By | January 27, 2012

Who don’t wish to have a beautiful smile with straightened teeth? Braces are used to correct overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, overbites, underbites and crossbites. However, people hesitate to use traditional braces like metal braces because of their appearance and lengthy treatment. Invisalign invisible braces are the right solution for such people. Here are some benefits of using invisible braces.

  • It is believed that these braces are termed invisible as they are clear. However, this is not true. These braces, instead of being attached along the front of the teeth, are hidden behind the teeth. Hence, they are not visible.
  • Invisible braces are comfortable too and are not associated with cumbersome pain that is evident with traditional braces. As invisalign braces do not need brackets and wires, there are no chances for painful cuts inside the mouth.
  • Fixed metal braces have to be worn throughout a day. Whereas, invisalign braces can be removed while eating, flossing, drinking, etc.
  • Also, these braces are easily removable. Hence, it’s not problematic to remove them if attending a special occasion.
  • They enable effective oral hygienic practices like flossing and brushing as they are removable. So, perfect oral health can be maintained preventing dental issues like plaque formation.
  • There are less chances of problems such as muscle soreness, tooth decay and gum diseases with invisible braces when compared to traditional braces.

Teens and pre-teens who are more likely to use braces for teeth straightening prefer invisible braces. Though they are expensive when compared to metal ones, they are worth their value as they assure the above benefits.