Causes of Brake Malfunction and Tips to Prevent It

By | October 14, 2013

Brakes are important for a vehicle. Without using brakes we can not drive the vehicle especially in the city traffic. So these are one of the most safety features. Now we will see some causes of brake malfunction and how to prevent them.

Signs for brake repair and malfunctions

  • Abs sensor replacementWhen there is a problem in brakes brake in the modern vehicles, the diagnostic sensors or systems display warnings on the dashboard. When those are indicating any signals like blinking or continuously lighting, check your manual for the meaning. While giving for servicing tell to the technician about the issue. In some cases it is blinks when the brake fluid level is low. Soft mushy brake pedal also indicates the brake fluid is low. In this case immediately need to get the brake fluid.
  • If you feel the loss of pressure in the braking system while pressing the brake pedal, it might be because of gap in the pedal and allowing air into the system and diminishing the brake power. It needs adjustment in the brake pedal. Or it might be a serious problem like failure of brake system.
  • abs speed sensorIf you get vibrations or pulsations while applying the brake pedal, it indicates the brake rotor is warped or worn.
  • While applying pressure to the brake pedal, you hear the grinding sounds, it indicates that the brake pads have to be replaced. Something is rubbing against the brake rotors in a wrong way.
  • When you applying brakes hear squealing sound, indicates that the brakes needs to be replaced. If this sound is there, it indicates that when the brake work require because of wear. In some cases the brake pads get dirty and requires to be cleaned.
  • When the brake pedal goes down, it indicates the rear brake lining has worn out.
  • In one part of the brake system have insufficient hydraulic pressure, the brakes pull the car to one side. In some cases, the brake clearance needs to adjust when it gets pulled to one side.

Brake maintenance tips

  • Check brake fluid, make sure that the brake fluid is at the appropriate level and good as recommended by manufacturer.
  • When the brake fluid is in milky color, you need to change it. It is contaminated with water or any other things. It affects the master cylinder in the brake system and the wheel cylinder. The fluid can destroy the both cylinders and the brake can fail. So, do not neglect when you see the contaminated fluid.
  • Need to add new fluid into the master cylinder when you change the brake fluid in your vehicle.
  • Eject the brake lines to get all of the air out of it.
  • By removing the tire you can inspect the rotors and brake pads to ensure they are looking good. If you found the brake pads are wear, need to be replaced.

Brakes are important device in your car. You cannot afford to ignore it.