How does Enterprise Computing Help Management in an Organization?

By | October 9, 2013

Enterprise computing plays different role in different stages of management. It is back bone for management. Can you imagine a company without computing? Even if they exist, you can clearly see their performance in the market in comparison to those using enterprise computing.

Here are the major areas of management where computing operates.

Recruit management – Before computing came, recruitment was a lengthy process involved in recruiting candidates, a lot of paper work had to be done to collect details regarding candidates and file them properly. But computing solved the problem of recruiting management

  • With online recruiting software is installed and recruiters are able to post their job openings, collect information of candidate with desired profile and recruit them quickly.
  • Computing improved efficiency of recruitment and cut down time to more than a half spent my managers for recruitment. If candidate is far enough to come to office, then interviews are conducted online sometimes.
  • It reduces not only manual efforts but also saved money to the company which they used to spent on materials and equipment required for recruitment process.

Operational management – It involves various operating processes.

  • It can be plan and design on how to proceed with their sales, how they can improve their sales in marketing, hoe better services can be given to clients, services and supply chain management, how to utilize available resources and implement for business growth etc.
  • Enterprise computing helps businesses maintain records related to business administration, goods export and import, service list, existing and predicted customer list. By having a clear view of all these things, a manager can decide in which areas improvement is needed. Manual work can be done but efficiency with which they give results are not up to the mark and there is a chance of error to take place.

Enterprise computing to make Middle manager work efficiently

  • Middle-level manager is the person who is accountable to the manager, he is the actual person involved in actual business growth.
  • They take care about an employee’s performance, suggests them for better working, directly interacts with employees and solves any issues raised by employees. He operates between manager and employee.
  • They can suggest to management their view-point but cannot take decision alone to develop business. Now, we are clear enough about duties of middle manager and how important he is for management.
  • Enterprise computing will help you stay connected with employees time to time. You need not visit each person and check with their performance. Software installed for monitoring will allow him to monitor workers and be able to take necessary steps to improve their performance.

Non-management employees – Persons who are involved in management processes like monitoring employees and overall performance of the employee come under non management employees.

  • The whole and sole responsibility is to complete work given to them within specified work. By using computing techniques, they can finish their work within time with more clarity without giving a chance to manager to pick any mistakes in their work.

If you are in search of ways to improve business operations, enterprise computing is the best choice to choose. Use modern technology at right time in right way and make yourself updated with market requirements.