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California’s Economy: Role of Small Businesses

Small businesses are important for California’s economy Small businesses play critical role in California’s economy. Just with a workforce of less than a hundred small businesses, California gets 98% and employ 37% of productive workforce. Small businesses keep the California’s economy competitive, by bringing out positive changes in growth and innovation within the state. These… Read More »

Try a Cruise for Your Next Holiday!

Nowadays cruising becomes very popular because, people want to try a new things. It became a very interesting topic for travelers. There is a lot of options in cruise ships and new companies that will take you for your new destinations. There are many options to choose a cruise like Carnival, Princess, Coasta, Royal Caribbean,… Read More »

Consequences of Unhealthy Living

Generally people count good issues and ignore the bad ones. But we forget the fact that if you see negative effects of a particular thing, it reminds us that they have to be worked out. Same principle apply even for health. People tend to overlook care of self. They do not know what happens if… Read More »

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication System

Vehicle to vehicle communication system is one of the emerging networks in which vehicle to vehicle, there are communication nodes to provide information such as traffic information and warning signals. It is part of the ITS (intelligent transport system). The vehicle to vehicle communication system uses wireless network communication system where vehicle send information to… Read More »