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OSHA: Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) for Fire Hazards

The probability of occurrence of fire at a workplace can be minimized to a considerable extent if some proper preliminary steps are taken. These steps will ensure that the conditions suitable for a fire hazard do not arise at a workplace. This is the basic objective of a Fire Prevention Plan (FPP). Just as in… Read More »

Regenerative Braking System of an Automobile – Pros and Cons

Regenerative braking system can be mostly found in electric and gas-electric hybrid vehicles. Its main objective is to recapture the energy produced when brakes are applied. The electric motor used to drive the engine plays a major role during braking operation. When the brake pedal is pressed, the regenerative braking circuit switches the electric motor… Read More »

Common Ways to Fight DUI and DWI

Have you been arrested for DUI or DWI and want to fight against these? Then it is necessary to know all the defenses that are available to you. Defenses helps you to come out from this case and prevents your license from suspension. In the DUI or DWI cases, the defense should prove that an… Read More »

Indirect Fuel Delivery System

Indirect fuel delivery system is one where traditional method of fuel injection system is used. This type of system is used mostly in gasoline engines. In indirect fuel injection system, the air/fuel mixture is mixed outside the combustion chamber. In an indirect injection diesel engine, fuel is delivered into a prechamber off the combustion chamber… Read More »