Importance of HR Policies and Procedures

By | October 29, 2014

What are HR policies?
Every organization makes its inception with a vision and mission in mind. Certain values and principles are decided and adopted for fruitful accomplishment of the objectives. For this, various policies and procedures have to be designed and put into force so that necessary system, framework, communication channels, employee satisfaction and work environment can be maintained to keep the work going on and efficiency and productivity is maintained at work. All these things collectively relate to the term HR policies.

After the policies are designed, executive tools are needed to execute the policies successfully. These come in the form of procedures. Procedures give the approach to implement the HR policies in the workforce.

Hence, HR policies and procedures are documented principles and guidelines that define a work system and makes a system to work towards the goals of an organization.

Importance of HR policies
HR policies eliminate disorder and chaos at workplace. They bring in a proper channel and system to ensure that work is happening without any obstacles. However small a policy may appear, it has significant and wide reaching consequences. Further below more light will be put on the importance of HR policies in detail.

  • They establish values of the organization and communicate them with the workforce. Organizations are recognized by their values in the market. Companies flourish or perish because of their values. Hence, it is important that values are imbibed by the employees and followed meticulously. Following values lead to work ethic and integrity in the workforce.
  • HR policies have to be made keeping employment laws and other statutes in consideration. HR policies should be complaint with the federal and state statutes. Factors like wages, leave, safety of employee and discrimination etc are governed by the statutes. Violating these laws knowingly or unknowingly can land an organization in big and unprecedented terms. Hence, compliance with laws hold a major place in policy making.
  • The provision of existing policies covering wide areas of work makes it easier for managers and management to take decision based on the policies. This ensures that the work is done as per the plan and the work structure is not violated.
  • The existing policies give a course to the work at a workplace, saves it from disorder and chaos to come into the work. This saves a lot of time, cost and resources by utilizing the available resources efficiently.
  • It gives a proper system to monitor the performance of an employee and the company as whole and review them at specified intervals of time. This gives insight about your strengths and limitations and tells us about the target areas that require to be worked upon. This leads to increase in production of work and efficiency.
  • Policies give code of conduct that gives expected behavior at work and necessary discipline. This leads to a work friendly environment.
  • Policies affecting the welfare of employees create goodwill among the employees. This leads to work satisfaction and long term retention of the employees in the organization.

The importance of HR policies in diverse in nature and not localized. Generally these things can be hardly noticed because employees are habituated to it. The mere fact that an organization is working good and improving with time is a testimony to the importance of HR policies.