Benefits and Functions of Virtual Assistant Technology

By | March 25, 2017

Virtual assistant can also be considered as artificial Intelligence. It works independently and avails the support and services without being present in the office. Virtual assistant can be used from home or any other place outside the office. The demand of the virtual assistant technology is more from entrepreneurs and newly started companies. Basically virtual assistant is taken care by those people who are well experienced and have enough number of experience in the field of secretarial or office management.

Areas where the virtual assistant technologies can be beneficial are:
Administrative department, Consumer services, Secretarial, Medial, Legal, Web development, Retail, Web marketing, Food and beverages, Networking, IT and Computers.

What are the benefits of having the virtual assistant technology?

1. Allow You to Save Money
The virtual assistant technology allow us to save money at various levels while dealing with the business. Virtual assistant help in not to spend money on creating a physical office to work, the office equipment or the specific software to deal with the different tasks. We need not hire the employees to deal with the different business processes. Also, no need of spending money on the employee’s health benefits or insurance, their leaves and other regular benefits for the employees which are needed in a physical office.

2. Saves Time
Working with virtual assistant can save lot of time because it is an artificial intelligence and does not require the hiring process for a business. It works on its own and follows the set of instructions which you provide to it. But in an ordinary business the hiring of the employees will take place, suitable person needed to be selected and a proper training should be given to train them, so that they can do the work with accuracy. And if the employees are not skillful then they will require more time to complete a project. This will tend to lose the productivity and will consume more time.

3. Serves on Demand
Working on a project and providing the end result to the customer is an important task. Virtual assistant device allow us to provide the service on demand and assist us in an effective way. But in the case of working with the employee is quite different. The employee may not be available on time to provide the assistance in a project. And depending on an employee for completing a short-term task is not a good thought.

4. Empowers You with Skills
Virtual assistant can organize work according to the preference. It has capability to work on different tasks or projects and enable people to work according to trend and advanced techniques. With required set of skills it serves for the different business organizations, firms, consultancy services. But working with the employees is quite different. We can take the work from employees according to their skill-sets only. And may be the employees will not be having the desired skills and this will make them to lack behind to provide a desired result.

5. Provide Needed Equipment
Virtual assistant is fully equipped with latest technology and can be used from home or any other convenient place. It provides you the combination of different features in a trending internet supporting device like Android & smart phone, tablet, etc. And managing the different kind of work becomes easy with less efforts. Computer system and other office equipment not much required to deal with the business activities. Without them the daily activities of the business can be handle.

Examples of virtual assistant technology are Siri, Google Assistant, Google Now, Cortana, BlackBerry Assistant, Alexa, Amy, Shae, Samsung Otto, Braina, Viv, Silvia, etc.

Functions of Virtual-Assistant

  • Receiving the calls of the clients and organizing or planning the booking for them.
  • Replying the clients on time about the inquiries through the mailing process.
  • Updates existing content with newly available or desired content for your website.
  • Does the data entry job for your office work or your personal work to save time.
  • Helps to manage the tasks related to the collection of debt or accounts receivable.
  • It also does the management of the calendar so that you can be able to manage the work on time and can prioritize the task according to it’s importance.
  • It makes the traveling booking for you. According to the schedule demand it deals with other travel tasks and also saves time & money.