How the Domain Name and Web Hosting of a Website are Related

Many people are clueless on what the link is between domain name and web hosting and the differences between the two. Therefore, to make it clear we have come up with points in this article.

Canadian web hosting companiesDomain name and web hosting
A domain name is the name in the text form to represent an IP address as the IP address many not be easy to remember. It’s the IP address that helps people access your website. To link up this domain name with IP address, you need to approach a web hosting company. Whereas a web hosting service provider is a space on the internet server which stores web pages, database, content and hosts them.

The relation between the two is that when you have created your website to be visible to the people on the Web, you should have a domain name that is registered with the web hosting company so that people can identify your website in the search engines and can access it.

Domain name registration with a web hosting company
To register your domain name, you have to approach your web hosting company so that they can link your domain name with the IP address. With this, your site will be visible on the Web. Even though there is a small link in between the two they are completely independent of each other. Every website should have a domain name and web hosting. If there is no domain name you can’t locate data in a website and without web hosting, you can’t register your domain name and get visible. The domain will have the hosted files with the registered domain name, which people can identify and remember easily. The webhost service and the domain name associated with a website are thus related. But the fact is they are independent of each other, but work together to bring the site live.

Having a clarity on the how the domain name and webhost of a website related, it’s time to consider for a domain name. Start a website with a good domain name registered with your web hosting company and get benefited. But you need to be careful while choosing a host as they control and manage your site and issues related to your site. Getting a good hosting service is somewhat difficult, but with thorough research you can achieve it.


How to Reduce the HTTP Requests to Minimize the Page Loading Time?

The loading speed of a website depends on many factors and HTTP request is one of them. HTTP requests are made, when the browser requests the objects of the web page such as images, videos, flash files, CSS, etc. More number of requests reduces the speed or loading time of the website that is leading to the downtime. So, in order to reduce the downtime of the website and to speedup the loading speed we need to minimize the HTTP requests. So, do you want to know the ways to reduce the HTTP requests? Then, read this article.

website monitoring priceThere are three popular ways to reduce the HTTP requests from a web page and increase the speed of the website. This improves the overall performance of the website. Make sure to take the following steps:

1. Reduce the no. of images
2. Combine CSS files
3. Combine javascript files

Reduce the number of images
If your website is having many images in the theme then, it becomes complicated by increasing the size of image files. Each image in the web page is counted as one HTTP request so, as the no. of images increases the HTTP requests also increases affecting the loading time of the page. However, there is a way through which you can combine all the images and load as one file through CSS spriting or through image maps.

Toronto web hostingHere, the background images are combined into single background image. Here the size of the image remains same but, reduces the no. of HTTP requests increasing the speed. To perform this step you need to take the help of the developer. You can also remove the images which are not visible to the users and which are unnecessary from loading to make it more reliable and to reduce the loading speed.

Combine CSS files
Reducing the CSS files and combining it in to one file is a easy task. Just find out the CSS files in your coding and combine them in to one normal CSS file by copying the contents of all those files in one. Though you combine all the CSS files into one file the content will be the same without any changes.

Combine javascript files
Combining the js files is a difficult task to perform. You can try combining all the js files into a single js file and referencing that file in your web page with the help of some developer. You can also use some plugins to perform this task. But, performing this task manually is good because this will reduce the number of plugins in your website.

These three ways will have huge impact in increasing the loading speed of a website and you can also use CDN to improve the speed.
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Employee Polygraph Protection Act – Prohibitions, Exemptions and Rights

Employee polygraph protection act is a act which prohibits the private employers from using the lie detector tests on the employees during the course of the employment or pre-employment screening. There are several prohibitions and exemptions under this act and wherever this is permitted there they will have strict standards. So, if you are an employer or employee you must know this act.

Texas Labor Law PosterSome of the prohibitions of this act are:

  • The employers shouldn’t request the employee or the applicant of the job to take this lie detector test.
  • Employers shouldn’t form disciplining, discharging or discriminating against the employee or the expected employee who refuse to take the test or those who exercise other rights under this act.

Exemptions of employee polygraph act:

  • However, state, federal and local governments are not effected by this law.
  • This law is not applicable to the tests given by federal government to some private individuals who are involved in national security related activities or handling drugs or for investigating theft or other suspected crime.
  • This act will permit the test to be apply in private sectors, to some expected employees of the firms related to security services and to pharmaceutical distributors, manufacturers and dispensers.
  • This act will allow testing, subject to restrictions of some employees who are involved n the workplace theft, embezzlement etc. which results in the loss of employer economically.

Rights of the examinee
As said above, the lie detector tests can be permitted for the jobs that are related to security or investigating theft cases etc. But, there are strict standards in conducting the test and on the length of the test. Here, the examinee has the few rights in taking this test. Some of them are listed below.

  • They have the right to a written notice before testing.
  • They have the right to refuse the test.
  • Right for discontinuing the test in the middle or at any time.
  • Right in not having the test results for disclosing the test results to unauthorized persons.
  • Right to be asked questions in such a way that it is not degrading.

But, if any one violates this act, they will be subjected to penalties by the secretary of labor by bringing the court actions on the violators. Here, there is also a right for the employees or the job applicants to bring their own court actions on the violators. So, if you are an employee or a job applicant know your rights and move forward.
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Compliance under OSHA

OSHA requires employers who are covered under OSHA to give the safe workplace for their employees. In order to prove the safe workplace, the employers should be in compliance. They should also make sure that the employees know their rights on the workplace. Apart from this, OSHA also needs employers to meet the reporting and paperwork requirements. If the employers don’t comply with these, they will be subjected to penalties and fines. So, if you are an employer, you need know the compliance under the OSHA from the following information.

Keeping certain records
OSHA have several rules regarding the record keeping; and it varies from employer to employer; and one set of rules may be applicable for only a few employers. To know them in detail, you have to refer the handbook of OSHA record keeping available in the official website of OSHA. But, there are some generally applicable record keeping rules such as, keeping the records of illness, work related records, or injuries records; and records of the efforts in complying with OSHA and their actions for preventing the workplace illness and the injuries.

Few exceptions of the record keeping requirements are: if your organization have only ten or very few employees, the records are to be kept only if the OSHA particularly asks you to do so; and it is even applicable for the low hazard service or retail industry such as, advertising or banking.

Reporting serious injuries and deaths
Though the employers are covered by the record keeping requirements or not, they have to report about the accident to OSHA within 8 hours after the incident took place, if it results in hospitalization or death of three or more employees. Complaint can be made through a call to the local OSHA office or can be reported directly in person.

Posting information
The employers who are covered under the OSHA should post the information such as, an OSHA poster containing the information about the rights and obligations of the employees under OSHA, recent actions that OSHA officers issued to the employers, employer petition filed for abatement or the modification, etc. In addition to these, if the employer is covered by the OSHA, record keeping of requirements that are explained above is a must. The employer must post the log and summary of occupational injuries and illness. Most of the employers will need only the poster containing “Job safety and health”, and the posters can be obtained from the agency’s website.

Submitting to inspection
As a part of the general enforcement duty or in response to the specific complaint, the compliance officer can inspect your workplace, at any time. Although you can demand for the warrant from the officer before doing the inspection, you need to allow them for inspection once the warrant will be given to you by the officer. During the inspection, if the officer finds that you are violating the law in some or other way, they will issue a citation as well as a notification of the penalty, which informs you about the exact violation, and sets some proposed time for correcting the violation. It proposes a penalty that is however nominal.

This is all about the compliance under OSHA.
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SSL Certificate and Its Benefits

SSL certificates are small data files. These files are digitally bind with a cryptographic key to the details. It allows a secure connection when installed on a web server through a padlock and the https protocol. This is typically used for secure data transfer, credit card transactions, logins, and for the security of social media sites, etc. These certificates include – domain name and host or server name. So, in order to initiate the secure connections, organizations need to install SSL certificates. Apart from this, it also offers many benefits to the websites. They are listed below.

Benefits of SSL certificates

Encrypts data
The major purpose of this SSL certificates is to encrypt the data that is getting passed from source to destination – so that it can only read and understand the information. When the information is passed from one computer to other, several third-party computers may involve and may adversely access the data. But, if you have the SSL certificate, it will insert random characters to ensure the encryption of the original data with the help of an encryption key that secures the original information.

Provides authentication
These certificates will ensure that the information present in the website along with the customer information goes to the right server without any interception. Along with the SSL certificate, you will also be issued a server certificate which could be seen by the customers. This will ensure that the provider of SSL certificate is trusted by the customers. Customers can also validate that the SSL certificate is updated and whether the page is trusted or not.

Helps in accepting payments for e-commerce websites
All that an e-commerce website needs is, a trusted and dedicated SSL certificate that can ensure the authentication of your website. To meet the compliance with payment card industry, all online businesses must have an SSL certificate with right strength of encryption of at-least 128-bit. They must provide secure private connection on the page for taking the user’s personal information. If these standards aren’t met, the site will not be able to take up the payments.

Protects from phishing
Phishing mails will link to some fake sites that have advertisements or shipping information, where the customer will be asked to enter the personal and credit card information which is for the malicious use. However, these sites will not be simply given the SSL certificates. So, the customer will be able to know that the site is not trusted and they will navigate to other sites.

Gains brand power and customer trust
Sites that have SSL certificates will expose their brand identity in the form of seals and images. They give trust to the customers, apart from improving the brand image of the company. Overall, this builds the trust in the customers on your business and website. They will have a positive experience on the site.

Investing in the SSL certificates will reduce the future costs to be spent on your website. So, improve trust of your business and popularity with the help of SSL certificates.
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Benefits of Leasing Dental Equipment

Are you running a dental practice business? Wary of purchasing all the new equipment for the practice? Then, an economical option is to lease the equipment for the period of time that is required for you instead of buying them. Leasing medical equipment will give you many benefits that are not possible with buying new equipment i.e., in the form of savings, efficiency, etc. The benefits of leasing dental equipment over buying are listed below.

Dentist LondonSavings
Leasing is beneficial for start-ups who cannot afford much on the practice and in paying full price of the dental equipment. These equipment usually cost so high that only a few practitioners can afford it. However, if you lease the equipment, you just need to pay only for the period of leasing and not the full price. So, as the time passes you can save a lot, which could have been otherwise spent on purchasing the equipment.

Latest equipment
The major benefit of leasing is, you can change the equipment over a period of time with another equipment using latest technology, which helps in effective patient’s treatment as well as your work. Patients can get high quality care and comfort. This also helps a lot for your practice. There is always a flexibility of using advanced dental equipment that keeps your practice up-to-date; and this is always necessary in such fields, where the advancements are constantly evolving.

Dental implants LondonEfficiency
For leasing an equipment, you don’t have to pay much initial payments that you can’t afford for starting the practice. You can just make the small initial lease payment and get it done quickly, to start the practice and give benefits to your patients. Many dental equipment leasing companies have been in the market today, and they lease you the equipment for competitive price in the market. So, you can choose the best among them and start your practice without burden.

Tax benefits
Dental Implants LondonThere are certain tax benefits of leasing the dental equipment. The expenses of the dental lease will be deducted as a business operating expense and over a period of time, the deduction will be a lump sum deduction by the end of the lease period. They are also included in the company’s balance sheet. So, the equipment may not have to be depreciated even after 5 to 7 years of its use.

These are the major benefits that you can get by leasing the dental equipment rather than buying it for the start-up dental practices. So, it is better to lease a dental equipment and save your money.
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What is Instant Car Insurance and How to get it Online?

Instant car insurance helps the people in getting the insurance instantly to all those in who needs it urgently. Most of the people who need instant car insurance will have to seek the help of online auto insurance companies. But, this is not that easy as you think to get an instant insurance; and unfortunately, many people are not aware of the procedure of approaching the online insurance companies. This article helps all such people.

Steps to get instant online car insurance:

Collect the information ready
The first thing that you have to do when you want to approach online insurance companies is – to collect all the necessary data that an insurance company requires, before getting the insurance. The general information that an insurance company requires, before they offer insurance is, the license of your driver and licenses of all other drivers, who needs coverage under the insurance scheme. Here, the driver can be any member of your family or the others and the other driver who has the minimum driving age and who belongs to your family.

Along with this, you may also need to keep information ready about your vehicle, title of the vehicle, previous insurance policy cards or information if any, vehicle registration card, emission report if your state requires it and updated vehicle inspection report. If you are not confident, you can also visit the company’s website from where you want to get the insurance i.e., after completion of the selection of the company, visit the website for the necessary documents.

Find out the suitable company
Check for the genuine and most referred sites that can provide you instant insurance or immediate results. Don’t strictly sit for one company; rather set 2 to 3 genuine companies based on the location or your price range. Prepare the list of the companies on a sheet of paper for further reference. With this, you can make a comparison of the prices between various companies; and later you can select the one that saves your money.

Explore the discounts
Once you have prepared the list of the companies where you want to quote, you can also check for the discounts from the list of sites that you have collected. If you are confident with the companies and the budget which you want to invest on your auto insurance, move forward to quote.

Customize your quotes
The last step that you have to do is – contact each company that you have chosen for quotes. Many companies give the quotes free of cost and for some companies, you need to call and request the quote. Once you found the good company among them, based on your requirements, you can go to that website and input all the information that you it requires. Finally once the company verifies all the details and make them approved you will come to know through a call from them.

Thus, you get instant car insurance online. This is not that easy you think. But, you can make it easy if you have all the information ready to get the insurance. So, be prepared in advance and get your vehicle insurance instantly.
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