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Benefits of Leasing Dental Equipment

Are you running a dental practice business? Wary of purchasing all the new equipment for the practice? Then, an economical option is to lease the equipment for the period of time that is required for you instead of buying them. Leasing medical equipment will give you many benefits that are not possible with buying new… Read More »

Cosmetic Dentistry

In olden days cosmetic dentistry involved filling and extraction of the teeth. Now it is expanded to solve all dental problems. It improves the appearance of teeth and smile. Cosmetic dentistry primarily deals with processes that bring improvement in the appearance of teeth and gums of the person to improve personal appearance. What type of… Read More »

What is Dental Extraction All about?

When one or more of your teeth is/are severely damaged or decayed, and there is no other treatment possible, the removes the tooth by surgery and the process is known as dental extraction. Also, Tooth or teeth that are loose also may need extraction. We will discuss in this article the need, procedure and care after the extraction.

What are the Benefits of Using Invisible Braces?

Who don’t wish to have a beautiful smile with straightened teeth? Braces are used to correct overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, overbites, underbites and crossbites. However, people hesitate to use traditional braces like metal braces because of their appearance and lengthy treatment. Invisalign invisible braces are the right solution for such people. Here are some… Read More »

Few Important Aspects of Dentistry

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that is related to the study and application of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, disorders related to oral cavity, maxillofacial area and the associated structures. The practitioners of dentistry are called dentists. Other form of designations associated with dentistry are dental assistants, dental technicians, etc. Dentistry is associated… Read More »