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Types of Website Monitoring

Website monitoring is the process to check whether the user or visitors can interact with your website effectively and to check the uptime, functionality and performance of a website. Website monitoring can be done by self or hiring a service provider. Those companies will help the clients or organizations in continuous monitoring of websites.

Sever Monitoring and Website Monitoring

Server monitoring Server Monitoring is monitoring the web server to identify hardware or connectivity failures. If any failure occurs the server monitoring service will intimate or send a notification to the clients regarding the failure and the action they are taking to rectify the problem. They notify the critical metrics of the web server. It… Read More »

Checklist for Regular Website Maintenance

The Website plays a critical role in your business’s success. Irrespective of size or type of business, every company need to maintain their website regularly at-least once in a month. This helps you, to update new information about your products or services, to attract and retain the visitors, to maintain search engine ranking and also to protect the site from cyber attacks. Here you will see the checklist of maintaining your website: