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What are The Different Types of Software?

Increasing the productivity, accountability, and credibility of the workforce is always been the concern of an organization. That’s the reason, the usage of the software have increased to meet and fulfill all the expectations on work process. And accordingly, different software are being developed to make the computer related activities more effective by fulfilling the […]


Understanding the requirement of Bandwidth

We generally hear a lot about bandwidths and data transfers while choosing the hosting service for our websites. Even if we are not website owners, sometimes we face trouble with our home internet service providers in terms of connection speed while downloading or uploading files. Technically speaking bandwidth is defined as the range of frequency, […]

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How the Domain Name and Web Hosting of a Website are Related

Many people are clueless on what the link is between domain name and web hosting and the differences between the two. Therefore, to make it clear we have come up with points in this article. Domain name and web hosting A domain name is the name in the text form to represent an IP address […]


Why Location of Your Web Server Matters?

A web server is one that hosts your website and provides the web content to users. So, it is necessary for a website to have a web server. Along with this it is also essential to place the server in a perfect location through which the users can get the web pages load quickly and […]

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Vehicle to Vehicle Communication System

Vehicle to vehicle communication system is one of the emerging networks in which vehicle to vehicle, there are communication nodes to provide information such as traffic information and warning signals. It is part of the ITS (intelligent transport system). The vehicle to vehicle communication system uses wireless network communication system where vehicle send information to […]