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Translation for Sales Brochure

Sales Brochures are a kind of publicity which are used in marketing fields to advertise the products of different businesses in a better manner. Marketing of products is so important in the field of business to get better profits and brand loyalty. Since all the businesses are expanding their products to different countries they need… Read More »

Know about Financial Translation Services

Financial translation covers the documents related to the financial aspects of the business such as asset management, stocks, bonds and shares etc. Many financial institutions like banks, investment and insurance companies, accounting firms, stock brokerage companies etc. uses these translation services. Website content, newspaper and news articles, annual reports and proxy statements, economic reports, prospectuses,… Read More »

Features of a Good Medical Interpreter

Medical interpreters are generally used in hospitals, doctor’s offices, courts, conferences and any other medical areas where the patient can’t speak the native language. Medical interpreting is a subset of public service interpreting, consisting of communication, among medical personnel, the patient and his or her family. A medical interpreter is a very important person in… Read More »

Strategies to be Adopted for Website Localization

Website localization is a method of modifying a website according to the target audiences language and culture. Having said that, website localization does not mean just translation of the content, it is found to be much more than that. While opting to adapt website localization services, a business is needed to conduct a wide research… Read More »

Translation Process And Translation Tools

Translating the textual data consumes more time. The textual data must be available to translators very prior to the development stage, even before the code is established. Each translator must have equipment which is suitable with the language to which it is translated. The display stations and keyboards must include all the characters essential for… Read More »