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Functions and Sources of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, available naturally in some foods and dietary supplements. It prevents over oxidation in the body. Vitamin E deficiency is seen very rarely, but it can be seen in people who are having genetic disorders and also in premature infants.

What is Safe to Consume While Traveling

One of the important thing you have to consider while you are on a holiday trip is the type of the food you have to take as healthy traveling makes the trip more enjoyable. You have to take selective food while you are traveling abroad. Here are some tips which helps you to take a… Read More »

Diet and Nutrition for Preventing Cancer

Risk of getting or increasing the cancer depends on the dietary choices because some foods actually increase risk of the cancer, while others support the body and strengthen the immune system to fight against the cancer. By taking the suitable diet it is easy to prevent and to control the disease. Following are the foods… Read More »

Recipe of Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta

Many people have the hobby of cooking various cuisines and recipes of different countries. Adding right spices to the food gives specific taste to the food. Among many famous varieties of recipes of Italian cuisines, creamy cajun chicken pasta is one. Here is the process of its preparation. Ingredients required 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts… Read More »

Know About Four Anti Fungal Spices

Spices are the various parts of the plants which are used in diet to add color, flavor and aroma to the food. Apart from these culinary benefits, the spices are also found to have many medicinal properties. Of the many medicinal properties, anti fungal properties are found in few spices. These are generally coupled with… Read More »