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Ad Serving Trends in Post-Covid Scenario

Just like all other industries, even the sector of advertising was badly hit by the Covid- 19 pandemic. With the lessening of pandemic severity, economic activities have now picked up. The process of recovery has started for the advertising sector, as well. But owing to circumstances attributable to Covid- 19, things have now changed in… Read More »

IoT Software Development – Opportunities and Applications

IoT software development is not a new terminology to anyone as, from smart wristwatches and mobile applications to massive use of robotics in various industries, all are using the Internet of Things. With the dynamic technological advancement, you can find new career paths opening. There are several areas where the application of IoT is becoming… Read More »

Real Time Applications of IoT

IoT (internet of things) is about connecting any devices to the internet based on wireless communication and smart sensors technology. It is capable of transferring data by using internet without involvement of humans and computers.