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Ad Serving Trends in Post-Covid Scenario

Just like all other industries, even the sector of advertising was badly hit by the Covid- 19 pandemic. With the lessening of pandemic severity, economic activities have now picked up. The process of recovery has started for the advertising sector, as well. But owing to circumstances attributable to Covid- 19, things have now changed in… Read More »

Tools Useful In Online Advertising

Online Advertising enables to reach out to a large number and attract the audience suitable to a business or an organization.  In the current environment where commute is difficult and life is stressful people increasing prefer to do both shopping research and shopping from the comfort of their homes.

What is Banner ad – All You Need to Know?

A banner ad or web banner comprises graphical images and rich media that can be uploaded in a website. It can be delivered by an ad server by embedding on the World Wide Web page. These are small rectangular boxes that are seen on the websites and considerably differ in appearance and subject matter. Banner… Read More »

Reasons to Use Online Display Advertising

Online display advertising is a common way of promoting products and services of a business through internet. It includes various forms like text ads, banner ads and pop-up ads. Special characteristics of online display advertising make it more preferable to use when compared to other forms of online ads. Go through to know the reasons… Read More »