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Various Labor Law Posters

Labor law posters play a big role in regulatory compliance and employee education at your business. These posters not only serve to inform your employees of their employment rights and labor but helps to keep your company abide with labor law regulations. Employers are required to display various federal and state law posters in their […]


Compliance under OSHA

OSHA requires employers who are covered under OSHA to give the safe workplace for their employees. In order to prove the safe workplace, the employers should be in compliance. They should also make sure that the employees know their rights on the workplace. Apart from this, OSHA also needs employers to meet the reporting and […]


Employee Polygraph Protection Act – Prohibitions, Exemptions and Rights

Employee polygraph protection act is a act which prohibits the private employers from using the lie detector tests on the employees during the course of the employment or pre-employment screening. There are several prohibitions and exemptions under this act and wherever this is permitted there they will have strict standards. So, if you are an […]


OSHA: Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) for Fire Hazards

The probability of occurrence of fire at a workplace can be minimized to a considerable extent if some proper preliminary steps are taken. These steps will ensure that the conditions suitable for a fire hazard do not arise at a workplace. This is the basic objective of a Fire Prevention Plan (FPP). Just as in […]


Common Ways to Fight DUI and DWI

Have you been arrested for DUI or DWI and want to fight against these? Then it is necessary to know all the defenses that are available to you. Defenses helps you to come out from this case and prevents your license from suspension. In the DUI or DWI cases, the defense should prove that an […]

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