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What are the Signs of a Good Babysitter?

Parents hire babysitters to provide a temporary care for the child. You take references from your friends or relatives and even go through various referral agencies to find a good babysitter. Once you hire her, you need to check her work to make sure that she is better for your child. Here are some signs… Read More »

Job Description of Caregiver

Caregiver is a person, who is appointed to perform different tasks and to take care of infants, elderly persons or disabled persons. They provide nursing care facility to seniors citizens and they keep them clean. They play an important role in health care industry. Physical and psychological help: Caregivers provide help to the individuals, physically… Read More »

Reasons For Which a Nanny Quits

Some of the families have same nanny for many years and some of the families have one nanny after another. Why is it so? There are some reasons why nannies leave the jobs, such as: Lack of recognition: Generally, nanny has good interaction with family members, she spends a long time with children. Many parents… Read More »

Know About Nanny’s Qualifications and Skills

Most important qualification of nanny is she should love children means should have loving nature. She should have some nanny qualification and though it is not required legally but now a days most of the agencies and families are also looking for childcare qualifications and skills to get a good nanny. There is no legal… Read More »

Duties Of A Care Giver

A caregiver gives compassion, care and assistance to those (suffering from disorders or very old people) who require help in everyday living. The main responsibilities of a caregiver are: Helping the person with personal care like bathing, dressing, grooming and hygiene. Changing garments and washing sheets, towels and clothing. Preparing meals, which consist of special… Read More »