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Features of Web servers that You Need to Know

A Web server is useful for any organization to create and manage the website. It fetches static web pages from the server by following Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Not only these, web servers also possess some important features that help organization or business in various ways. In this article, we will discuss some of their features like virtual hosting, large file support, bandwidth throttling, authentication, etc.

All You Need to Know about Functions of a Mainframe Computers

Mainframes are a class of high-performing computing devices and find large scale applications in diverse businesses and industries. Mainframes are used for computation, storage, processing data and performing other tasks. Large-scale organizations such as banks and financial institutions, business enterprises use mainframe computers to process their massive amounts of business data. These computers offer reliable… Read More »

Software Helps Businesses Go beyond Cultural Borders

Today advancement in technology enables organizations to do their businesses World wide online by using diverse software. So, this helps businesses to cross the cultural borders from matching up cultural profiles to emotional recognition. In old days, people used to do businesses in their local borders but they had to think of how to do… Read More »

Components of System Software

System software is designed to operate the hardware of the computer. It also provides platform for running application software and basic functions for the computer usage. The purpose of system software is to protect the applications programmer from the complexity and specific details of a particular computer being used, especially memory and other hardware features.… Read More »