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Dual Exhaust Systems for Cars

Automobiles especially cars can be upgraded with few modifications done to the engine. One of the modification involved in up gradation of thevehicles involved adding up of dual exhaust system. Increased combustion of the fuel enhances the engine to have better fuel efficiency, more power and higher speeds along with reduced pollution and longevity of… Read More »

Winter Care Procedure for your Cars

It is better idea that you need to keep ready your vehicle before the winter season. Because in winter it is difficult to drive a car which is not prepared for the winter. By taking some care and spending some time on the car you can get convenience when your using it. And also you… Read More »

Regenerative Braking System of an Automobile – Pros and Cons

Regenerative braking system can be mostly found in electric and gas-electric hybrid vehicles. Its main objective is to recapture the energy produced when brakes are applied. The electric motor used to drive the engine plays a major role during braking operation. When the brake pedal is pressed, the regenerative braking circuit switches the electric motor… Read More »

Indirect Fuel Delivery System

Indirect fuel delivery system is one where traditional method of fuel injection system is used. This type of system is used mostly in gasoline engines. In indirect fuel injection system, the air/fuel mixture is mixed outside the combustion chamber. In an indirect injection diesel engine, fuel is delivered into a prechamber off the combustion chamber… Read More »