Tips to keep food fresh in kitchen

By | November 14, 2007

Most of the people don’t know how to preserve food safely. I have some tips to preserve your food safely. You should always maintain your refrigerator clean and check the food daily. Twice in a month you should clean your refrigerator. You should also spread cloves under the sink and pour the pesticides under the sink it keeps ants away. And if you place cove leaves inside your rice bags it keeps your food away from parasites. You should also change the cove leaves for every three months.

If you place one half of the tomato in refrigerator it absorbs the any bad smell coming from foods. If you store eggs within the pointed side down then eggs will be fresh for long time.

You even should not buy the more quantities of food because; if you don’t complete it fast then food may spoil. Napkins which you maintain in the kitchen should be clean.