What is Fly-Fishing?

By | October 28, 2009

Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of Fly-Fishing is the variety of beautiful natural surroundings in which anglers often find themselves; a private stream up in the mountains, a peaceful winding river deep in the forest, or a quiet blue lake somewhere out in big sky country. For some, it may be the opportunity to test ones’ individual skill against nature – in an elaborate game of cat and mouse (but in this case, man against fish.) These are just some of the compelling reasons why many thousands of people enjoy the challenges of fly-fishing every year.

For beginning fly-fishermen, however, learning fly-fishing can be difficult. Let me give some guidance on how to get the most out of the exciting sport of fly-fishing. While there is many other resources available about fly-fishing, few of them touch on the techniques, tactics and strategies commonly used in fly-fishing.

Successful fly fishing involves lots of things, including having the proper fly fishing gear, using the right flies, being able to cast correctly, and many more little things that often determine whether a fly fishing adventure is successful or not. However, one thing that many anglers frequently neglect to learn about is the fish that they are fishing for.

A strong knowledge of the various types of trout is of critical importance. Knowing more about the various types of trout that you are fishing for, their habits, tendencies, and characteristics, can help tremendously in improving your catch.