Benefits of Hospital Renovation

By | May 27, 2011

Hospital constructions, as well as practices, need to be sustainable in order to best serve the needs of patients and hospital employees. If hospital services and facilities do not reach up to the level of patients and visitors expectation level then renovation is needed. The main objective of hospital renovation should be to fulfill the needs of the patients. The second objective is to satisfy the hospital staff to work more effectively. By improving the performance and attracting more patients, the hospital can enhance its image and gain more profits. With renovating hospitals can get certain benefits. Those are;

Benefits of hospital renovation:

  • Through effective utilization of space you can build more rooms in your hospital.
  • Using green building services for hospital renovations, enhance and protect the ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • Improved air and water quality can be obtained. Renovation also helps in reduction in solid waste and conservation of natural resources.
  • In addition to the countless environmental benefits, green building services also provide economic benefits.
  • Technology upgrade will give more satisfaction to the staff, so that they work more effectively.
  • If performance of the hospital is increased, image and profits of the hospital also increase.
  • Effective utilization of resources will reduce the cost of operations in hospitals.
  • Energy saving and water saving will reduce the operational cost.
  • Design and layout of the hospital also looks new.
  • Patient controlled electric window shades can reduce solar heat gain.
  • Risk is also reduced and safe environment is created.
  • Using latest security technology will prevent the accidents.
  • Patients and staff satisfaction will increase.
  • With housekeeping services, hospital will appear clean and neat.
  • The risk of infection is reduced from hospital-acquired bacteria.

Where Aspergillosis and other fungal diseases are a major concern, the cleaner environment can be a major advantage during hospital construction or hospital renovations. There are community and health benefits that can be gained from hospital renovations. In addition, patient comfort and health is improved while minimizing the strain on the local infrastructure. Overall, hospital renovations can be a success and contribute to the overall quality of life and sustainability of the healthcare facility.