How to Choose a Right HVAC Filter

By | October 19, 2011

Large varieties of filter choices are available for every application. Filters are available in wide range of efficiencies, presser drops and depths in filtering. There filters will withstand very wet conditions as well as high velocities. Our goal in filtration is to get the best efficiency or achieve a required level of filtration with the least pressure drop within given constraints.

Industrial centrifugal fansFortunately, there are many tools that will help you to choose the right filter. But, first we need to determine the purpose of the filter. Does it protects the machine? Does it improves the indoor air quality? Does it address a specific contaminant or protects a product or process in the conditioned space? Is the target contaminant, particulate or gaseous? Each of these may require a particular type of filter and with the right tools you can make the proper selection.

Filters come in a range of depths so it is important to determine the depth that is better suited for the job. An increasing in the depth of the filter usually provide less presser drops, improving the life of the machine. You may choose the filter depth based on service cycle of the instrument.

You must consider the capacity of the machine. Be sure that the machine is rated to handle your filter selection, especially, when changing to the filter ranges or the level of filtration. Carefully consider the prices of the filters, while some systems may be more expensive, they may actually be more economical over the life of the time.

You may find situations which require the removal of gaseous contaminants. Generally this requires three steps approach – first attempt to remove the source of odorous gases, next ventilation and final one is filtration designed to remove the contaminants.

Hoping that all the above information gives you the guidance to choose the right filter.

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