Light up Your Halloween Costume with Glow accessories

By | October 26, 2011

Halloween parties are of great fun and joy. They are really amazing playing items for the kids. They are very excited about simple things and hence for them Halloweens are a great advantage to make up themselves in different costumes and accessories. When safety comes as the priority, glow sticks are always there to create a much safer environment not only for the kids but for all the people participating in the event or occasion.

For now let us talk about how to make the Halloween costume light up using many glow accessories. There are huge range of varieties in glow accessories which help us to decorate the costume in an attractive way. Listed below are few which are quite useful to make easy decoration to the Halloween costume.

Head pieces: Head pieces or head wear are often a special attraction to the whole appearance. There are huge range of head wearings available which help us to look unique in the party. There are glow bunny ears, flashing devil horns, glowing tiaras, light up dread locks, and few more LED fashion accessories which help us to create many appealing styles and patterns. While you are planning to wear a wig it is better to use head boppers, which can light up your wig and create a devil appearance.

Mini Glow sticks: Mini glow sticks are much useful in order to decorate your costume. You can hang a couple of them at different places on your costume and can glow in the dark. They are easy to handle and do not produce any kind of heat hence can be used even by the kids.

Glow Accessories: Apart from the regular glow sticks there are huge variety of glow accessories available in the market which are helpful to make the remaining make ups. You can opt for glow in the dark jewelery like the glow neck laces and the bracelets to make your look even interesting and appealing.

Any of the above glow accessories can be used to give a complete look to your Halloween costume.