Sleepwear for Different Climates

By | December 19, 2011

Sleepwear is an important part of clothing since everyone wants to be comfortable more than fashionable during night sleep. As we tend to change our clothing style according to the seasons there is also a need for us to change our sleepwear accordingly. Let us have a look on how to wear and what to wear during different climatic conditions.

For warm weathers: For warm or hot climates it is always better to go for cotton wear since they are highly breathable and absorb the moisture from the body. Coming to the type of wear pajamas are best suited for such climates. Tank tops and a pair of sleep shorts are also a better alternative. Even for pajamas also you can wear a tank top or normal cotton tops to beat the heat.

For chilly areas: Either for the people residing in a chill place or for them who are facing the chill climate flannel or satin sleepwear are the best options. The flannel pants and tops gives nice warmth and keeps the colder winds away. Over sized t shirts with full sleeves are also a great option.

Other options: Another unique option is to get some sleepwear made of bamboo clothing. Even though they are rare they are available in special retail or online stores who are specialists in offering bamboo fabrics. The uniqueness of this fibre lies in its nature. It provides warmth in cold climates and makes the person feel cool in warmer climates. Hence the sleepwear made of bamboo is suitable to wear in mixed climates.

Above all, its about comfort more than any thing. You can wear anything that you find it comfortable and worth wearing.