Why should You Hire an Attorney for Car Accident Instead of Dealing with the Insurance Company Directly?

By | May 25, 2012

You should hire an attorney instead of dealing with the insurance company because even your own insurance company, will try to pay you as little as it can and they also use many tactics to hold back your money. So it is futile to deal with the insurance company. By such cases, the attorney may help you protect from the cheating insurance company and by helping you to avoid such traps.

The lawyer can help you in negotiating on behalf of the insurance claims and if necessary take your case to court. If you deal with the insurance company directly then settled all the payment which they are offered then your account will be considered as settled. Then the attorney not be able to help you, especially if your injuries are more than expected.

If you hire a good attorney and if he feels that your case as merit then he should ready to accept your case on contingency basis. Which means you know that they do not take pay on upfront, instead they will get paid when you will get paid. They will work for a percentage that too one third. Then, you should look for an attorney who is completely interested and gives his full attention to your case, look for the attorney who has good experience and who has past records and with whom you feel more comfortable, etc.

Here some of the common causes of car accidents are as follows: excessive speed, distracted driver which includes cell phone usage and texting, careless or driver negligence, intoxication, Failure to signal, defective vehicle, and defective road.