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Do You Know How Political Risk Insurance Protects Your Business?

Through the increase of globalization, many businesses have started their businesses in other countries. Though the globalization of many businesses may frequently results in profits, sometimes business suffer from losses too. The losses are not always due to the poor management of the business, but instead they may be due to the changes in political […]


Factors to Consider Before You Purchase Public Liability Insurance

It is sensible for businesses to take the public-liability insurance to protect them from costs and damages brought by a third party against you which you need to pay. When you say that, it means if a business or an individual, indirectly or directly had caused losses or damages or injury or death, then you […]


Insurance Companies Performing Nicotine Test

Consumption of tobacco is most common among individuals. Nicotine is the most important constituent of tobacco. Usage of tobacco has many serious effects such as respiratory problems, cancers, damage of brain, and may finally lead to death. In order to detect a tobacco user, nicotine drug test has to be performed. Nicotine test is conducted […]

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Importance of Insurance

Insurance is one type of risk management and it is used to face the risk of contingent and uncertain losses. One can transfer the risk or loss from one entity to another entity by paying some amount of money. Who sells the insurance policy is called as insurer and who purchase the insurance policy is […]


Insurance to Help Your Business from Loss of Key Employee

There are key personnel for every business, they are important for success of the business. Every business is different so, key personnel can be sales director, specialist craftsman, or others. Business may get damage or loss because of the absence of the staff. Generally, it happens when large part of the business depends on personnel. […]

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