Insurance Companies Performing Nicotine Test

By | January 10, 2011

Consumption of tobacco is most common among individuals. Nicotine is the most important constituent of tobacco. Usage of tobacco has many serious effects such as respiratory problems, cancers, damage of brain, and may finally lead to death. In order to detect a tobacco user, nicotine drug test has to be performed. Nicotine test is conducted by many organizations to provide safety and value at workplace. Insurance companies also perform nicotine tests.

Nicotine smokers have a shorter life period. Many insurance companies feel it difficult to sell insurance for such persons. Hence people who are applying for insurance are to be tested for nicotine. This has become mandatory for many insurance companies. Drug test nicotine helps in finding them to test whether the claims mentioned in the application are correct or not.

A premium is finalized based on the result of tests after medical screening. Several health risks are associated with smoking tobacco. Hence the premium charged for smokers is higher than that of non-smokers by many health and life insurance companies. A nicotine drug test can be conducted in many ways such as urine test, blood test, saliva test, and hair test. Cotinine, a metabolite of nicotine is detected in the tests.

The use of cotinine can be detected for four days after use through urine test. The drug can be detected for up to 3 weeks with blood tests, 7 to 10 days with saliva tests, and 10 or more days with hair tests. The cut-off level for cotinine detection through urine test is 200ng/ml. Urine tests are most commonly conducted by insurance companies to check a person.

Some people provide wrong information for insurance companies. However, these tests are conducted and detection of any wrong information can be known. This may result in denial of insurance coverage. Hence it is better to quit smoking and get qualified in the tests for receiving cheaper premiums.