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Road Accidents and an Attorney

Road accidents are commonly happening in many places. If you did the accident unknowingly and worried about it then, you must approach attorney who can help you in this case. Otherwise you will be sentenced to penalties and punishments made by law. Some of them are: Penalties given by law to the people who made… Read More »

Important Sections to be Noted in an Oil Lease

Oil lease is an agreement between the land owner (lessor) and the oil or gas companies (lessee). This agreement enables the lessee to acquire the mineral rights of a particular land to get access to the property and the minerals beneath it. This agreement generally occurs between both the parties once they come to an… Read More »

What is Disability Discrimination at Workplace?

Disability discrimination includes the process of making decisions regarding the hiring, promotion, job training, compensation, and termination of employees based on their disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits disability discrimination at workplaces. The Act protects employees who are mentally or physically impaired limiting a major life activity. The Act ensures that an employer… Read More »