Is Marijuana Good for Health?

By | February 1, 2009

Marijuana is an illegal/illicit drug in the United States. Its abuse is most common. The effects of marijuana manifest and persist for many years. Marijuana can cause different health related problems. It causes anxiety, panic, distrust and fear.

Marijuana affects the brain which is responsible for memory, thought, concentration, time perception, etc. Persons having large doses of marijuana will have loss of personal identity, hallucinations, delusions, acute psychosis.

Marijuana over activates the endocannabinoid system in the brain. This results in distorted perceptions, loss of intellectual abilities like problem solving, impaired coordination and disrupted learning and memory. Such loss of cognitive abilities is irreversible. That is, the faculties lost cannot be regained even after the individual recovers completely. Marijuana in teens leads to lose if IQ drastically.

Marijuana increases the heart beat rate and lowers the blood pressure. It causes acute chest illnesses and the risk of heart attack is much more than general risk of heart attack. This risk is higher in the older individuals and those suffering from heart diseases.

Marijuana causes daily cough and phlegm. It causes respiratory problems which leads to infection of the lungs and sometimes to lung cancer as smokers of marijuana typically inhale and hold the smoke for a long time in their lungs.

Marijuana also causes head and neck cancers. The chance is three times that of non-smokers. Marijuana contains THC that impairs the body’s immune system from fighting diseases, which leads to frequent illness.

Thus, marijuana can cause a wide variety of health problems.