Opportunities Provided By Recession For Jewelry Merchants

By | November 4, 2009

While many economists predicted a slow recovery from the recession. A recovery seems to be in progress by that time. Banks started lending business, mortgage re-financings have picked up, even though it is taking longer for consumers to close on the loans because of an increased level of credit scrutiny.

Recession, which is generally hated by all provides some opportunities:

  • Incompetent merchants will be flushed out of the business.
  • Great real estate deals flourish.
  • A pool of talented jewelry shop is available.
  • Recessions will serve like a wake-up call to merchants, and make them to re-think how they do their business, and, especially, how they market and how they handle their inventory.

The survivors of the recession can find a outlook where there are less competitors contesting for shares of a larger market. In short, by 2010 or 2011, jewelers’ sales per store is expected to increase, if for no other reason than there are fewer stores selling into a market which could reach a record $66 billion in sales (by 2011), depending on a preliminary forecast.