Recession: The prediction no one cared of

By | April 2, 2009

Remember the Superman movie. Well, there was a flashback of Superman in his own planet Krypton. His father was a VIP in the planet. But when he predicts of the planet getting destroyed nobody believes it. And when the planet finally starts getting destroyed, nobody has time to do anything and they simply succumb to it.

There are many such things in the history of mankind where very learned people predict about some coming harm and people simply laugh at them.

The recent Recession was very big to handle for America and also for many nations of the world. It shook the entire economy to a tremendous level and people couldn’t do anything.

Well, the recession was also predicted by some economics professor named Nouriel Roubini. And when he said that people laughed at him; because things were going on very fine that time. It was like golden era for the economy, where people couldn’t even think of anything bad. But recession hit the nation finally.

He now says that the economy will face still worse times. This time people didn’t laugh.

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