How to Improve Writing in English?

By | January 29, 2010

Writing is one of the most essential things in communication. Writing is as important as reading in communication.

English is a global language. Knowledge of English has become a compulsion because it is an international means of communication. The way to reach a larger number of people across the globe is to acquire is knowledge of English.

English is the universal language. One knowing English will have the advantage in communicating to people. There is no need of a translator for the person who knows English.

English is crucial for higher studies, for better career opportunities.

Make a habit to write frequently- in a formal or informal situation.

If you are reading some book or listening to some important matter, try to make a list of important sentences or words so that you can refer them later.

Try to understand the words and the meaning in English only don’t try to translate them into your own language.

One should improve English vocabulary as with knowledge of more words it is easier to speak or write in English.

It is also necessary to work out on spellings. Because in English if spellings are wrong then it may mean something else or it may makes no sense at all. So it is necessary to concentrate on spellings as it is an integral part of learning process.

Nowadays there are a wide range of social media and you can utilize. There are several online platforms where you can share, comment and chat with your friends or anyone in English.

You can use a blog to write any topic you are interested. Ask for the feedback. So that you can correct anything made wrong.

When you want to write in English, then you have to first think in English. Some people work in their own language and later translate it into English but it doesn’t work. Use of grammar rules, idioms etc makes the writing unnatural and clumsy.

Try to write without hesitating about the mistakes. Later work out on grammar and make corrections. Ask suggestions from the proficient people.

It is not a one day process, lot of effort and vigorous practice should be carried out for the success.