Tips to improve clarity of speech

By | October 14, 2007

There are many reasons that most of the people don’t speak clearly. It may be due to clenched teeth or fear of speaking, etc; I have some tips which will help you to improve the clarity of speaking. First thing is you should observe speaker when he is speaking. You should also speak slowly because, if you speak fast, the listener cannot understand properly what you are saying? It is important that your speech is understandable to everyone.

Use the dictionary and be familiar with phonetics, it will help you in pronunciation. And list out the words which are hard to pronounce and ask someone who is expert in speaking. You should also speak louder and clear.

You should speak yourself in front of mirror. It helps you to pick up quickly. Consume excess saliva left in the mouth because, it may result in mumbling and distortion. Be patient because you can’t improve overnight.

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