The Top Ten Car Safety Technologies

By | February 11, 2010

The safety features are important for every car. The safety features of the car will protect the passengers and drivers in the car.

The top ten car safety technologies are:
1. Tire pressure monitoring: The tire pressure monitoring system will alert you if the air pressure is low in the car.  The warning is given in the form of light on the instrumental panel. The flat tires will not allow the car to run at high rate of speed. Flat tire is a rubber made tire that has lost all or most of its air through leakage, puncture.

2. Adaptive cruise control/collision mitigation: The cruise control will maintain the constant speed of car. The cruise control system contains sensors and radars.

3. Blind-spot detection/side assist/collision warning: This technology will find the blind spot during driving or parking. If this system detects anything on the way it gives signal by sound alarm and steering wheel to vibrate.

4. Lane-departure warning/wake-you-up safety: This technology is just like blind-spot detection. Nevertheless, it is a long-range detection system. This technology is used when your changing lanes. This system contains stability control.

5. Rollover prevention/mitigation: Rollover prevention system is more intelligent then the electronic stability control system and preparation system. This system will maintains the brake controls when you are whip around a car too fast.

6. Occupant-sensitive/dual-stage airbags: The air bags will avoid head injuries during accidents.

7. Emergency brake assist/collision mitigation: It is different from antilock system and electronic break force distribution. This will apply the additional break pressure to shorten the stopping distance.

8. Adaptive headlights and/or night-vision assist: The adaptive head lights will follows the car directions and are also contains speed-sensitive.

9. Rear view camera: The rear view camera will protects the children, animals from back over accidents.

10. Emergency response: Emergency response system will handle the emergencies.