Benefits Of Strength Training

By | February 13, 2010

Strength training is a complete training on the use of resistance or weights for the functioning of muscle group. Strength training is considered as beneficial thing to do for perfect health, but not necessarily regularly employed into the exercise routine. Some benefits of strength training are:

  • Develops muscle mass and makes muscle burn more calories than fat. This makes the body burn more calories even at rest, if strength train exercises are done regularly. As muscle mass increases, metabolism increases and helps in maintaining a healthy body weight. If the muscles are not rebuild by doing exercise, then in every ten years 150-450 less calories must be consumed to maintain present weight.
  • Helps to reduce or halt muscle loss, which is associated with aging. The fact is, an adult loses nearly one-half pound of muscle per year after the age of 20, which makes a person feel less energetic and usually weaker.
  • Restricts bone loss, which is associated with aging and improves bone density.
  • Improves joint flexibility.
  • Reduces pain caused due to ailments like arthritis and old injuries.
  • Improve fitness parameters like glucose metabolism, blood pressure, muscle strength endurance, body composition and insulin sensitivity.
  • Improves mood. Research from Harvard University recognized that strength training is very efficient in decreasing of depression in old people (Singh, Clements, & Fiatarone, 1997).
  • Enhances brain function.
  • Improves appearance.
  • Increases balance and reduce risk for injury.
  • Helps in sleeping more soundly.

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